Parents and supporters of CLS Amazons Girls & Women’s FC have a great influence on our players enjoyment and success in football

All of our – and your – girls play football because they first and foremost love the game – and because it is fun. It is important to remember that however good a child becomes at football within our club, your positive encouragement of all of our players will contribute to:

  • Our players enjoying their football.
  • Their sense of personal achievement.
  • Their Self-esteem.
  • Assist to improve their skills and techniques.

As parents and supporters it is important to recognise that your expectations and attitudes have a significant bearing on our players attitude towards:

  • Other players.
  • Officials
  • Managers
  • Spectators

Please take responsibility for always being positive and encouraging towards all of our players, not just your own.

Parents and other supporters must:

  • Applaud the opposition as well as our teams.
  • Not coach the players during the game, this is the job of the coaches – too many involved in issuing instructions only confuses our players.
  • Be positive and encouraging in your comments during matches.
  • Respect the referee’s decision.
  • Encourage all players, not just the most talented, or your own daughter.
  • No negative comments about any player or teams ability. All of our players – and our opponents players – are trying their best

If you have any concerns, we ask that you first of all speak to one of the coaches or your parent representative, or if you prefer, the Club Welfare Officer, or the Chairperson.