We are fortunate to have a Head Coach in our club, Shaun Ward, who provides support, advice and guidance to all of our coaches as well as coaching our Women’s Team. His role is as follows:-


Job Title: Head Coach

Responsible for: Supporting the development of all coaches and teams in the Amazons Girls FC

Responsible to: Club Committee

Recommended Qualifications:

  • FA Level 1 Coaching Certificate
  • First Aid
  • Child Protection

The Head Coach must be able to:-

  • Motivate coaches and players;
  • Communicate effectively;
  • Make things FUN
  • Observe and analyse skills and make improvements;
  • Support coaching sessions where requested by Coaches;
  • Be an all-round Wizard and maintain the Amazons Spirit of magic and adventure

Main Duties:

  1. Consult/discuss/support team coach(es).
  2. Support the coordination of coaches and coaching for all teams.
  3. Provide support and advice to the team coaches
  4. Support and encourage coaches to brief players on the aims of their sessions and the purpose of each activity.
  5. Meet regularly and be available to coaches to plan and develop the coaching activities;
  6. Promote the club ethos and ensure all players have opportunity to develop and participate, whatever their skill level.
  7. Promote the FA and the Club codes of conduct.
  8. To ensure that all coaching staff qualifications are kept up to date.
  9. Take responsibility for ensuring coaches have access to quality training equipment.
  10. Be aware of and promote the clubs codes of conduct for coaches, players and parents at all times.
  11. Support the recruitment of new coaches.