What happens on match day?

The following are tasks that are required on Match Day (or leading up to match day). Coaches and Parent Reps usually agree between themselves who will be responsible:-
Mini-Soccer u7s to u10s

Team sheets – collect these from the reception area. If it is a home game it is our responsibility to get the opposition to fill in the names of their players then complete it and return to the admin staff back at reception. If it is an away game the opposition should hand you the form for you to complete your team players but then you must return it to them for them to submit.
Finding out what pitch your game is going to be played on – this will be given tot you by the admin staff in the reception area.
Warm up time and space – it is advised that you ensure your players arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to kick off and find space to have a quick warm up.

Meeting points – ensure you have liaised with your parent rep so that all know where you would like to meet prior to warming up.
Bibs & Equipment- it I important that if you are the away team you have bibs with you as often teams have similar coloured strips and this prevents confusion for the refs.

First Aid bag – always have a first aid kit with you and ensure everything is in date and it is replenished when used.

9 v 9 and 11 v 11
Arranging games 9v9 and 11v11 – The ref is nominated by the RFYL. The coach will usually contacted the opponents (if it is our home game) to advise of kick off time and venue. If we are playing away, if the coach has not heard from opponents by Monday to contact the team to request information and then provide the information to the Match Coordinator and the Parent Rep, who will ensure the team get the information.

WOM award – All coaches select a “Woman of the Match” at the end of each game. Please ensure the use of “woman of the match” and not man of the match!!

Match Reports – it is not compulsory, but some coaches do provide a match report and post this on our Facebook page. If you are going to report on your game on social media remember this must be positive and not mention scores. First names only to be used and pics can be used of WOM and goal scorers.

Showing registration cards – It is important to ensure you show your opposition your registration cards/photos. This can be on your phone. These are regularly updated by the Match Coordinator and posted in the Team WhatsApp group.