The Amazons are still going strong and are now our Women’s team with 5 of the Original and longest standing Amazons continuing to play for their team.

The following teams have followed in their footsteps, and with the exception of the Amazettes and Amazon Blues, all teams continue to thrive and develop within our club:

  • The Amazettes – integrated into the Womens Team
  • The Amazines – under 16s
  • The Amazelles – under 14s
  • The Divas – under 13s
  • The Warriors – under 12s
  • The Bombers – under 11s
  • The Flamingos – under 10s
  • The Dazzlers – under 10s
  • The Avengers – under 9s
  • The Stompers – under 8s
  • The Diablos – under 7s
  • The Aztecs – under 7s

We also have our Mini-Zons who train from the age of 4 years to 6 years – so much talent exists in such young players, but the Diablo’s and Aztecs, who were the first teams to grow out of the Mini-Zons has shown us that the earlier girls begin to play and get used to a ball at their feet, the better.